Our Vision

We see communities coming together in positive interaction, experiencing a deep appreciation for our rural heritage, while embracing new cultures and expanding borders.

Agricultural Societies are non-political, grass-roots organizations, whose primary objective is to promote the improvement of agriculture and improve the quality of life in their communities by:

  • Playing an educational role for the benefit of its members and the community at large
  • Providing an interface between rural and urban residents of the community. Improving the knowledge level of urban residents related to the role and importance of agriculture
  • Providing a community forum for discussion of agricultural issues
  • Promoting social interaction within the community by the sponsorship of educational and entertainment activities
  • Acting as a catalyst for community development and community spirit
  • Assisting in the development of market opportunities for Saskatchewan products
  • Providing an opportunity for the comparison of Saskatchewan produce, products, crafts and skills through competition
  • Providing leadership development opportunities
  • Encouraging the conservation of natural resources
  • Providing facilities for community use
  • Providing a source of historical information on community development and promoting a sense of pride in the community’s heritage

Our Mission

To encourage, contribute and communicate programs and services which address member challenges, leading to healthy, sustainable community foundations.

Our Mantra

SAASE, Making a Difference. In all that it is and all that it does, SAASE makes a difference:

  • For its members and volunteers
  • For agriculture
  • For Saskatchewan Communities

Our Services

SAASE, under an agreement with Saskatchewan Municipal Government, administers a program of financial contribution in support of agricultural programming undertaken by SAASE members. Eligible programs must address one or more of the program objectives of support to rural living, community development and agricultural awareness. Expenses may be eligible for 50% funding, with maximums and prorated within available funds.

Venture Projects

This program supports new and unproven projects which meet the objectives of SASP but which go beyond the traditional programming generally undertaken by agricultural societies. Projects may be eligible for more than 50% funding.

SAASE Newsletter

Each member society receives multiple copies of the SAASE Newsletter printed quarterly. Members are welcome to contribute stories about the activities of their society or articles of opinion to the newsletter. Manuscripts should must be received by the fifteenth day of February, May, August and November. Circulation of the newsletter includes MLA’s and MP’s, fair judges, SK Weekly Newspapers and other interested parties.

Fair Judge Program

A multi-faceted program of support to fairs seeking qualified judges and to judges seeking to develop their skills.

Honorary Life Membership Program - Provincial and Local

SAASE is presently providing two Honorary Life Membership programs. The provincial program recognizes worthy candidates for their contribution to agricultural societies in the province. These awards are made provincially from nominations submitted by member agricultural societies. The local program allows individual societies to award one of their volunteers with an honorary life membership. SAASE provides the certificate suitable for lettering and the information is added by the society.

Annual Convention and Other Meetings

SAASE co-ordinates and facilitates an annual convention as well as district and other meetings as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

Access to Professional and Industry Expertise

Through the network supported by SAASE and the diversity of interest and ability represented by societies’ activities, it is possible to access almost any type of experience or expertise within the framework of SAASE.

Liaise with Other Organizations

In so far as time and finances permit, SAASE maintains contact with as many other non-political, rural based and agriculture related organizations as possible and seeks to make these organizations aware of the presence of and the benefits of working with agricultural societies within Saskatchewan communities. Organizations, with which SAASE maintains significant contact, include:

  • Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Agriculture in the Classroom, Saskatchewan
  • Foundation for Animal Care, Saskatchewan (Farm Animal Council)
  • International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Agricultural Hall of Fame, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan 4-H
  • Tourism Saskatchewan
  • Progressive Agriculture Foundation
  • Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
  • Provincial Associations Across Canada
Thank you to our partners for your support and generosity
helping with our SAASE projects and the communities of Saskatchewan.

Contact Us

Regina, SK - S4R 8R6 - P.O. Box 31025
P: (306) 565-2121
F: (306) 565-2079


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