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Food, how our food is produced and the importance of agriculture in Saskatchewan to the world has never been more important. Food for Saskatchewan – Food for the World is an ongoing, constantly changing provincial agricultural education display telling the story of Saskatrchewan’s agriculture to our youth. Saskatchewan’s youth will learn all about what it takes to produce Saskatchewan’s food. In partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Awareness strategy, Food for Saskatchewan – Food for the World will tell the story of Saskatchewan Agriculture.

food-for-sask-logo.pngInitial partnerships have been developed with The Mosaic Company, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Growing Forward 2, SaskPower, and the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan. As the program moves along, new partnerships will be developed and new educational modules will be constructed for the display. To this point the Mosaic module is the only one complete, with the SaskPower and Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan currently in production. The Mosaic module, as the world’s largest producer of phosphate and potash, will educate on how Mosaic helps the world grow the food it needs. Safety plays an important role in agriculture in Saskatchewan and the SaskPower module will teach our youth what it takes to stay safe with electrical safety on the farm. The Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan’s module will answer the question – why choose Saskatchewan chicken? – as the module focuses on the high standards and care maintained by Saskatchewan’s chicken growers in the production of the chicken we eat.

The project is diverse as Saskatchewan’s Agriculture, so the project will never be complete. Over the next number of years SAASE, working with the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to develop new partnerships with producer groups and companies connected to agriculture to develop new interactive educational modules. As the new modules are developed, SAASE will replace the existing provincial agricultural education display. SAASE is ideally suited to manage the display, as our member agricultural societies and fairs across Sasaktchewan host many of the largest agricultural education programs. The display will travel the province to the many agricultural education programs and shows. The education modules will also be made available for Ag in the Classroom and their programming, as well as the various groups who have produced the modules. A website has been launched to compliment the program – – will be packed with educational resources, information and teaching aids on our educational modules. Like the display itself it will be constantly changing. As more partnerships and educational modules are developed, more educational resources will appear on the website.

Agricultural education of our youth is critical to the future of agriculture in Saskatchewan, . As fewer and fewer people are involved with agriculture, the understanding of how our food is produced and brought to market has never been so important. The youth of today, will be our leaders of tomorrow making decisions on agriculture. It is important that factual information on agriculture is brought to our youth and communities to ensure that everyone understands and appreciates the importance of the agricultural industry and the companies connected to it. People need to know where our food comes from. A healthy agricultural industry supports communities and the economy of Saskatchewan. Youth also need to be made aware of the careers that are available within agriculture. Food for Saskatchewan – Food for the World over the next number of years will continue to evolve and change as more partnerships are developed and more modules are produced. Educating our youth on agriculture is critical to the continued success of agriculture in Saskatchewan, and this travelling provincial agricultural display will help do that by telling the story of Saskatchewan Agriculture.
Thank you to our partners for your support and generosity
helping with our SAASE projects and the communities of Saskatchewan.

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