Saskatoon 2024 “Building Bridges”

SAASE Annual Convention

2023 has come and gone, and this is hoping that it was a great year. As usual there have been great challenges, but there have also been great successes in 2023. As we move forward into 2024, there are tremendous opportunities for all of us to better market our events, as well as partner with new groups. The whole key is that we never stop learning what we can do to make our Agricultural Socicties, events and communities better.

Join us in Saskatoon on March 16 and 17 for what promises to be a weekend of great workshops and excellent networking.

  • Preconvention Workshops – There will be 3 separate optional workshops that will be available to our registered delegates on Saturday March 16th. On Saturday SAASE in partnership with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation will be hosting a Safety Day Coordinators Workshop. There will also be a Judging workshop, and a Board Governance Workshop. The workshops are free, but you must preregister for them.
  • Nomination for Election to the Board – Election of Directors to the Board will take place at the convention. There are three – 2 year positions available this year. Lindsay Nobbs from Lancer, Tracey Stevenson from Swift Current and Lisa Randall from Connaught’s terms have expired. Each society, being a member in good standing with SAASE, is eligible to nominate a candidate for election to the Board. Biographical sketches of those whose nomination is received at SAASE Office by February 16 will be included in the convention handouts. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor of the meeting. Early, written nominations assist the nominating committee in knowing how many nominees they must seek prior to the annual meeting in order that there is a full slate of officers. Your society secretary has the nomination forms.
  • Who can vote at the AGM? Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Each Member Society can appoint ONE voting delegate. Voting delegates will receive their voting cards at the convention.
  • Come for the boost! One of the greatest rewards of attending a convention is the new friends you will make and the friendships you will renew. As volunteers sometimes our batteries run down and the SAASE Convention can be a real boost to the system.
  • Enjoy the hospitality of Saskatoon! Saskatoon Prairieland Park will be rolling out the welcome mat.

Convention Documents

Thank you to our partners for your support and generosity
helping with our SAASE projects and the communities of Saskatchewan.

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