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Directors Annual Report

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I.   Identification:

II.   List of Officers and Directors:

Fill in the names of the officers elected for the new year – 2016 (i.e. those elected at your recent Annual Meeting. This information must be complete as it is used to update mailing lists. PLEASE INCLUDE POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER AND POSTAL CODE FOR EACH NAME!

Auditor Information

Directors for 2016:

Fair and Activity Dates 2016:

Information from this section will be used to update SAASE's website.

Other Activities

Identify the type of activity - trade show (agriculture, home, leisure, garden), 4H local, 4H regional, livestock market show, livestock pure-bred show, rodeo, gymkhana, seminar, workshop, short course, competition, farmers market. This information is in demand by potential exhibitors and competitors and fair visitors. It is critical that this information is received by December 31 at the latest. Set dates for 2016 events now. Use separate sheet if additional space is required to list all events.